Saturday, April 29, 2017

Starting a Blog

This Blog is about my experience learning creative skills. Currently I am exploring sketching, drawing, and painting. The blog will serve 2 purposes (well probably more).
  1. Document my progress
  2. Share my learning resources
That is why the title is Learning 2 Art. Two purposes... Of course the quicker of you got that already.

I started off by sketching.
That was about last November. I've got to reach back and bring some that earlier stuff back to provide some context and perspective. In the beginning I was trying out a variety of digital painting programs. I still use them occasionally, but now I mainly use traditional media.

If this initial post sounds a bit formal, stuffy, and boring, well it is, but it won't be for long. I will get in a grove and revert to my more colorful dialect soon...

For awhile I will be talking about visual art, but I have dabbled in poetry, music, storytelling, photography, and video.

head sketch- 11/10/16, digital - yeah they do get better

Dee Hock, thanks, love it.

There will be more about me in future Post.