Friday, May 19, 2017

Benefits of Sketch Partners

An invite to a Sketch Club

It’s been almost a year since I was invited to join a very small Sketch Club. Initially there were only three members. It was very low tech. Very private. Everything communicated via text message. The rules were simple. Text a sketch every day. No sharing others' sketches.

Eventually there were five of us, but only myself and the club originator stayed active. Although, I missed many more days than I posted, she was very consistent. We are very forthright with each other. Commenting on each other’s sketches, making suggestions, what worked, what needed another look.  The other members occasionally make comments and suggestions, also. They are our passive sketchers.

A few months ago we decided to post work that was a little more than a sketch. Occasionally we will post a complete painting.

I have enjoyed being in the Sketch Club. I don’t know if this activity is for everyone, but its worth a try.

This is a sketch I did this past Wednesday. When I posted to the Sketch Club it was just the light initial pencil concept sketch. The members couldn't even make out the subject. Then Thursday night I added some washes and ink.

I did the sketch on location. I took a walk to the neighborhood lake. There are paved walking paths in some areas. Along the paths are benches. I was looking for an interesting view to sketch. I wanted something with a sweeping movement. Unfortunately, the benches are located to take in the vistas of the lake. I ended up sitting sideways and sketching a mooring post that was close to the bench. It wasn’t much of a subject.

Here is the sketch and a comment from my Sketch Club partners…

Meet Me at 3
Meet Me at 3
pen and ink with wash
the wash is from watercolor pencils
mixed media sketch book 8.5 x 5.5"

Comments from Sketch Club

This gets a thoughtful Hmmm, with a plus. I like it but I am not sure why.

This one is good, and yet I don't know why. Maybe Melanie can help.

It seems to merge representational with very abstract. Surreal. It works well.

okay. Being me. Think about placement on the page. The big blob--maybe too centered.

Mostly really good.

Hats off!

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