Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Landscapes - Plein Air (French for plain air, meaning painting outside)

Learning by trying many things

I probably jump around too much as I learn, but I'm enjoying exploring the variety of subjects, styles, and techniques available for doing art. In this post I'm showing some of my excursions into landscapes.

This first sketch is digital drawing. Comically juvenile. It was drawn on a "new" to me sketch program. It was done fast and badly. I do a lot of driving in rural areas. There are a lot of scenes similar to this on the roadside. 


The grouping of sheds, barns, and silos catch my attention. There is something about the angles, patterns and contrast that I find appealing. This is a sketch done in Gouache (opaque watercolors). I stopped on the shoulder of the highway and took a photo. I couldn't quite get in the correct position to get the view I wanted. Later I realized that the view I was after was a combination of views in motion I would see as I drove by.

9 x 12"

This next sketch is Plein Air (chuckle). I was sitting in a rocking chair at the Homestead in Hot Springs, VA. This my first outside real life sketch. There is no particular subject. I just drew what was there. I later decided that it was the sweeping lines that appealed to me. I went back later (second pic) and added emphasis to the curves and a touch of color.

5 1/2 x 8"

From the same visit I sketched a spring fed pond. Initial sketch.

 Finished (or where I stopped) colors added with watercolor pencil

My sketch kit:

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