Monday, May 1, 2017

Sketching with a story in mind.

This sketch was done with a story in mind.

I sketched this in pencil then scanned it to get a digital version. I edited that version in Paint.Net (

The short version of the story. I was visiting relatives in the late fall. Their yard and carport were full of leaves. It was the time of year that a yard needed raking almost daily. I decided to pinch in and rake a bit. The problem was that the only rake I could find kept separating at the handle. Leaving me holding a stick and the rake part tangled in the leaves. What made it worse is that there was a professional landscaping service working next door. It consisted of several immigrants with all the pro tools at hand. Every time they saw that rake break they would laugh, point their power blowers in my direction and rev them up.

You can read the full story in dialog here:
Click Little Black Dog and the Visiting Man

Original pencil sketch.


Sketch of The Little Black Dog

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