Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Art Supplies: Exponential

Art Supplies: Exponential

 A little over a year ago I started sketching. It was simple. A pencil or two and a sketchpad.

 I progressed to sketching and drawing. It got more complicated. I needed (wanted) more marking tools, more surfaces, more textures. 

In the Bag
Urban Sketching / Plein Air Kit

My supplies multiplied.

Now, I have added painting. Watercolor paints in tubes, pans and pencils. Then came Gouache and Acrylic paints along with more surfaces; canvas, watercolor blocks, pads.....supplies exponential... 
Beginning of Project Creep
Since I split my time in two locations I found it necessary to box up supplies to take with me. Never knowing what might be needed. 

I started with a plastic container with a snap on lid. It measured about 15x13". Enough to handle 9x12" pads, paints, brushes, pencils.

Plastic Box - worked for awhile

Supplies soon overtook it so I added a Banker's Box. The plastic container just fit in it. Now, everything could be carried in one load.

Good Fit - Uninspiring
Oh, but that Banker's Box looked dull. Decidedly not artistic.

Yesterday I decided to add some pizzazz to that old box. I had some left-over wall paint and ceramic tile from a recent bathroom remodel.

That's more like it

Packed and Ready to Travel

Now that Banker's Box has some character.

Bottom - You Shouldn't See This

End - I've Got This

Side - Art Doesn't Always Go Well

End - Zonk

Side - It's All Good

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