Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Art of Procrastination

What color is your excuse?

I’m just back from vacation. What an excuse. It is just one of many colorful excuses I have painted myself with recently. Another “reason” I haven’t done art. I suspect I’m not alone. What about you? Have you hit the wall, tripped on the hurtle or otherwise been derailed? Or maybe more honest, allowed yourself to be stopped.

One of my favorite entertainments/learning activities is listening to "The SavvyPainter Podcast" [ ]. I just listened to the latest one. Our savvy hostess, Antrese Wood, interviewed Julian Merrow-Smith. Julian is a brit living in the South of France. Antrese’s interviews never fail to deliver. She has a very natural curiosity that guides her interviews. She is curious about what makes artist tick. Why they do what they do. What motivates them. What derailments they have had and how they overcame them. Julian it turns out is a very prolific and fast painter. Julian's daily paintings can be viewed here [ ].  He is often painting one or more paintings daily. I highly recommend listening to that interview or any of the hundred+ podcast that came before it.

So, what’s happened? Am I derailed again? What does a Podcast have to do with procrastination? Well, a lot, actually. I just went about eight days without even making a mark (how does that mesh with someone doing one or more paintings daily?). When I did start back, I just did one little sketch. It was a continuation of a series of thumbnail sketches. The purpose of the sketches was to establish a composition and more importantly capture the gesture of a pose. I was sketching from a photo. One I took while on a walk.

I find to photo very appealing. I have a vision of how I want to paint it. I lost traction, though. Not getting the gesture correct stopped me cold. I did the first three thumbnails in about an hour one night. The fourth was done over a week later. And worse, I spent at least an hour on it alone. It's still not quite right. Now I am allowing my lack of success to stop me again.

I have given my canvas over to Procrastination. It seems that Procrastination is always near. Always close to the things I intend to do. Always has a palette of excuses. Here, try the purple (I can’t get it right I might as well stop) excuse. Procrastination is even adept at mixing colors. Two thirds Paynes Gray to one part Cerulean Blue makes “I’ve got the work-space all picked up. It’ll take too long to get everything out again”. That is what I call the Art of Procrastination. The time I could be doing art is painted with hues coming from Procrastination’s palette.

After listening to over a hundred podcast I find a very consistent thread. The “pros” push Procrastination’s palette aside and use their own.

I'm inspired! I am off to do that painting….right after my “Forest Green” nap….yawn…

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