Monday, September 11, 2017

ART Imagined

Painting from Imagination

Until recently I have been drawing and painting from life or photos. Typically I use photos taken while walking or traveling. Sometimes I photograph a still life scene from objects in the house or found. These works are quite literal and realistic.

My mentor and very close friend challenged me, not directly but through example, to try some imaginative art. In other words not to paint what I see literally but rather paint what comes from my imagination. She has mastered this approach. I have been amazed by the variety of scenes she imagines and the sheer number of sketches and paintings she produces straight from her imagination.

She often creates a mental narrative and then whips out a sketch right on a blank page. Other times she will start doodling and a narrative will be imagined. This is not an approach that I am comfortable doing. It feels very risky, but I wanted to try...

I decided to start off making a few pages of abstract background designs. I knew starting with a blank page just wouldn't work for me.
#1, Toned paper sprayed through plastic net with spray primer.
The technique used here is accomplished with spray primer in black, gray, and white. The texture is from a plastic net in which oranges were packaged.

I made several pages using the net technique. I set them aside for several weeks. When I felt ready and inspired I pulled them out. I visually studied a couple of pages until I started to “see” figures and develop a narrative. If you look at #1 above you may see the crossed hands in the formed by the netting in the center.
"Many Concerns"

 I had actually tried something similar earlier (below), but it was not successful. My style was too tight and literal.
# 2, Unsuccessful attempt. Image expressed too literally and style too tight.

 This time I tried to be loose and flowing with the brush. It worked on the first painting but I tightened up on the second.

New lessons learned on the path of Learnng2Art….