Saturday, June 30, 2018

Artist Block

I can't ART....

Dear art friends, I have been in a serious art block for several weeks. Not only could I not get inspired, I didn't want to and when I did try to do something I couldn't. Getting together with Guild members last week was a help. Another big help was painting with my "Painting Partner" Kim Ferguson. We painted two days this week. I didn't start anything new, but I did attempt to finish a piece I started last month. 

Last night the Block seemed to lift. I started doing some technique studies for a subject I've wanted to paint.

I'm trying ink on watercolor paper and on mineral paper. Also, trying gouache, water soluble graphite, carbon pencil, and pastel pencils.

I like this as a photo, but wasn't sure about it as a painting. I finally decided for the studies to concentrate on the pup.
 I took the photo at Myrtle Beach last November. 

First I tried India Ink onto wet watercolor paper....
India Ink on wet w/c paper (gouache wash)

There were some interesting effects..looks promising. I learned to brush in the already diluted ink. I tried a dip pen (dark line on back). I also tried spritzing with water mist.

India Ink on mineral paper
Then I tried India Ink on Mineral Paper. What you see here is the 3rd or 4th generation of that attempt. It is not the best. I kept experimenting just to see what it would do. I learned it has to be worked fast. Once the ink begins to dry....

I was spritzing, wiping, lifting,'ve got to try a lot of things to get to know the process.

On my next attempt I used Mineral Paper but this time with gouache, water soluble graphite pencil, carbon pencil, and pastel pencils. Since I had a better feel for what I was doing I tried a more accurate drawing. This little painting is larger than the others, about 7x9".  There was a good bit of spritzing and tilting the paper at the beginning. I let it dry before coming back with pastels. I think this is a technique that suits my style. I will continue to develop it, especially for smaller pieces.

Gouache, pencil, pastels