Sunday, August 12, 2018

Failed Paintings

Pushing Through a Failed Painting

The first attempt was BLAH, but there seemed to be something there. Could I find it? Could I express it?

It started from an old drawing I did for a graphics art class while in college. I found it in one of my portfolios in the attic. The original drawing is from a photo (probably a magazine). It was simplified to just essential b/w. That left a mysterious, alluring, woman.

When I found it I thought maybe I can do something with it. At that time my intent was to reproduce the image and add some colorful background. 

My attempt as you can see was blah. 

After another attempt to spiffy up the background I almost gessoed it over. I left in alone for several weeks.
From "Flirt" to "Unapproachable" to  "Queen of Diamonds"
When I came back to it I decided I wanted to go for an emotional impact. (I had listened to a podcast and got inspired). The execution of the painting was no longer important, just the evoking of emotions and responses.
As the painting progressed the name changed. "Flirt", "Unapproachable", "Queen of Diamonds", "In Diamonds She Trust". These names probably say more about me than Her.
I intentionally left her eyes blank. I didn't want the viewer to see into her that way. I kept her skin tones cool and her surroundings dark. She is not a warm, cuddly girl. She wants to be in the shadows. I made a hot area behind her that pushes her toward the viewer. I wanted the viewer to feel something, to question "her" and my intention.

I got some great responses from FaceBook. I'm glad I gave this a second chance. I sincerely appreciate the views, LIKEs and comments.

" I think what is needed is more eye detail to get the personality of this person."

"I feel an enforced darkness and sadness in this piece with the warmth in the middle trying to fight back through the despair."

"It makes me feel sad for her.. she looks like she is really down and out."

"you have portrayed a women that has suffered beyond imagination, she looks almost unfeeling.."

"she is determined and looking ahead."


"The model evokes such sadness but at the same time there is strength, perseverance in the stare"